@5SOS: ‘I surprise attacked him’

Sugar on the Asphalt: Forty-Four



Only two more to go! I might cry. Hope you all enjoyed this! I’d love to hear what you think! <3

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brownies on the way; september 24, 2013

I read the directions despite Dr. Hamilton explaining everything thoroughly at her office last week. I wanted to make sure I understood the side effects and warnings before I started taking it. The pharmacy technician asked me if I had any questions before I left, but I knew any questions I had would be answered by the folded piece of paper in the box.

My phone started ringing as I reached to open the medicine cabinet, the picture Hazel took of Harry and I at Buckingham Palace flashing over the screen. I picked it up before it vibrated off the porcelain sink. “Hey.”

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'Who smells the best in the band?' +

Harry Styles waits in line to get soda with a friend in a L.A - 4/16/14

"They say nothing is wasted, either that or everything is." CB.